Introduction to design concepts and production techniques for the world-wide web. Topics include understanding web environments and technologies, site structures, navigation methods, layout conventions, and the creation of fully functional web pages using HTML. Animation and multimedia considerations are discussed.


Upon successful completion of this class, you should be able to:

  1. Plan and diagram a website using thumbnails and/or digital tools, and flowcharts.
  2. Use basic image editing tools (ex: Photoshop) to optimize images for the web.
  3. Use Dreamweaver to create functional and valid web pages.
  4. Understand and apply HTML and CSS.
  5. Demonstrate familiarity with web conventions, standards, and limitations, including page size and navigation.
  6. Understand basic multimedia tools behaviors with html.
  7. Understand ftp server upload, domain name protocol and server.
  8. Recognize and apply basic design principles including type and color.
  9. Present and discuss your artworks, and the work of your colleagues, within the context of their time through critique utilizing medium-specific vocabulary.


Detailed descriptions are available through links in the left nav bar.


Grades are determined on a 100-point scale
Project 1 15 points
Project 2 15 points
Project 3 18 points
Project 4 15 points
Final Portfolio Page 5 points
Quizzes/Presentations 9 points
Sketchbook 9 points
Reading Questions/Comments 9 points
Final Exam 5 points


Extra credit may be earned for attending selected lectures or art-related events; these will be announced in class and/or posted on class website

• Each of the assignments will be evaluated according to a specific list of required criteria given to you with the assignment.
• Class participation and in class productivity portion of your score will be based on promptness, your participation in discussions and critiques, and in class work ethic (ex: no parallel talk, no cell or electronic devise usage, no ipod listening, or working on anything not related to class work, disappearing from class, etc...)
• You will be expected to turn in all assignments on their due dates. Assignments turned in late will accrue point losses (remember for each part of an assignment you don’t hand in on time you get an F for that portion). Late assignments are not eligible for resubmission. All assignments turned in on time may be improved or redone and resubmitted up until the last day of resubmissions.


You will require at least five hours of web design work per week in addition to limited class lab time to complete the assignments.

PCs and some Macs with appropriate software are available on campus for your use in AAB 403, TEC 142 & 142A, TEC 25B. Lab hours are posted soon after the start of each semester; check schedules and plan accordingly.




Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training by James Williamson -

Alternative Web Resource: Adobe TV | Learn Dreamweaver CS5


please view required Readings in Left Navigation Bar



This class will be conducted in accordance with the college's Student Code of Conduct and basic standards of academic honesty. Cheating, plagiarism, or any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.

For more information about Westchester Community College's Academic Honesty Policy, please visit: