• Curriculum Vitae




    University of Plymouth – Plymouth, UK. March 2019.
    School of Art & Media – Faculty of Arts – Planetary Collegium CAiiA-STAR Hub
    [Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts – Science, Technology and Art Research].
    Integrative Art under Professor Roy Ascott.
    Dissertation Title: Space-Time Experience in the Meta-Environment: A Cybersemiotics Analysis.

    Copenhagen Business School – Frederiksberg, Denmark.
    Relevant PhD-courses with Professor Søren Brier.

    Cybersemiotics and Transdisciplinarity II: Focus on New Developments in Biosemiotics and Culture Analysis; August 2013.
    Cybersemiotics and Transdisciplinarity: Applications in Linguistics, Communication, Semiotics, and Art-technology Analysis; August 2012.


    School of Visual Arts – New York, NY, USA – May 2009.
    Computer Arts.

    Grants & Awards


    Bronx Community College Foundation.

    Faculty Scholarship Support Grants Program.
    Spring 2019 Cycle Grant Award.


    David Bermant Foundation Short-term Residency, Santa Ynez, California, USA.

    David Bermant Foundation Grant
    Intro to ArtSciTech digital environment.

    2014 – 2017

    National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Research Grant.
    Social Origins of Chicago’s New Negro Artists and Intellectuals.
    NEH through Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

    2013 Cybersemiotics & Human Knowing Short-term Fellowship.
    Cybersemiotics & Transdisciplinarity in Art.
    Copenhagen Business School. Frederiksberg, Denmark.

    Andrew W. Mellon Short-term Fellowship.
    Social Origins of Chicago’s New Negro Artists and Intellectuals: A Photographic Survey.
    Black Chicago Metropolis Consortium, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

    Di-Egy Fest 0.1 Artist Grant Award.
    Me, Myself & Maybe I: Mixing Realities Interactive Installation.
    Di-Egy Fest 0.1 + German University, Cairo, Egypt.

    2012 WCC 2011 Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award.
    SUNY Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY, USA.

    Presentations & Publications


    Andrea's Room: Syncretic Entanglement” – art-based presentation, scientific committee member.
    21st International Conference, Consciousness Reframed 2019, "Sentient States: Bio-mind and Techno-nature"

    Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto, Portugal, June 6 to 8


    “Andrea's Room (2019): Entangled Realities,” – art-based presentation.
    FEMeeting, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, May 30 to June 3, 2019.

    25th Anniversary Issue – guest artist, publication.
    Cybernetics and Human Knowing journal – peer reviewed. Vol. 25: No.1 (2018): Cover, 4, 8, 21,22, 47, 48, 90,115, 116


    Visualizing The Cybersemiotic Experience – presentation.
    Cross, Inter, Multi, Trans: 13th World Congress of Semiotics IASS. International Association for Semiotics Studies, Kaunas, Lithuania, June 27, 2017.


    Reflections on Cybersemiotic Experience in the Meta-Environment – article publication.
    Cybernetics and Human Knowing journal – peer reviewed. Vol. 23: No.4 (2016): 57-75

    Black Chicago History Meta-Environment – presentation.
    Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL, June 26, 2016.

    Connecting the Drops – co-presentation.
    Water World 2016,, Worldwide. March 19, 2016.


    Discovering the Early History of Black Creative Expression in Chicago – co-presentation.
    Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York, USA. February 25, 2015.


    Update on the Website for ‘Social Origins of Chicago’s New Negro – presentation.

    NEH, Black Chicago History Forum and Carter G. Woodson Regional Library event. Carter G. Woodson Regional Library of the Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL, USA. October 26, 2014.

    A Case for Knowledge Art: A Cybersemiotic Analysis of Space-Time Aesthetics in the Meta-Environment – presentation.
    Living in Cybernetics 2014 Conference: American Society for Cybernetics. George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA. August 4, 2014.

    Education, Arts, Technology – keynote speaker and forum panelist.
    Education, Arts, Technology – E.A.T. Forum. SUNY Westchester Community College and Arts Westchester. White Plains, NY. USA. May 22, 2014.


    Root, Branch & Blossom: Social Origins of Chicago’s New Negro Artists and Intellectuals – presentation.
    The Black Metropolis Research Consortium. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA. June 12, 2013.

    Space-Time Aesthetics in the Meta-Environment: A Cybersemiotics Analysis – presentation.
    The Difference That Makes a Difference 2013 Conference: Interdisciplinary workshop on Information: Space, Time, and Identity. The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. April 8, 2013.

    Semiotics of Embodiment in the Meta-Environment – presentation.
    CR13 Consciousness Reframed 2013: Art & Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era, International Research Conference. German University in Cairo; New Cairo, Egypt. March 31, 2013.


    From Greenwich to Google: The Aesthetics of Time and the Meta-Environment – presentation.
    Mutamorphosis: Tribute to Uncertainty International Conference. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Centre for Science, Technology and Society at the Institute of Philosophy, Prague, CZ, December 6, 2012.

    Meta-Environment – publication.
    Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research. Vol. 10: No.1 (2012): 93-99

    Connecting the Dots – presentation.
    The Fourth State of Water Symposium: UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA. March 22 & 23, 2012.


    Brazil’s Tropicalia Movement: Reflections on Anthropophagic Syncretic Reality – presentation and article publication.

    Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation. 12th Consciousness Reframed International Research Conference Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal. December, 1, 2011.

    Consciousness Refraimed 12: Presences in the Mindfield, Art, Identity and the Technology of Transformation. EDS. Roy Ascott and Luis Miguel Girão (Universidade de Aveiro, 2011): 139-143.

    Escher’s Way: A New Paradigm for Conceptualizing Changes in Consciousness – presentation.

    Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedial Transactions - Consciousness Reframed: Art and Consciousness in the Post-biological Era:Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China. August 25 to 27, 2011.

    Teaching with Social Media Workshop – co-presentation.
    Westchester Community College Faculty Development: Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York, USA. May 19, 2011.

    Perception of Self, Time & Space: An Ethnographic Case Study of Stream of Group Consciousness Mediated by Ayahuasca Ritual Practices – presentation.

    Ionion Centre for Arts & Culture: Kefalonia, Greece. April 9, 2011.


    Teaching with Social Media – co-presentation.
    Westchester Community College Adjunct Faculty Showcase: Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York, USA. December 9, 2010.

    Cyberperception, Technoetic Aesthetics & Consciousness in ‘Mixing Realities’: Theory into Practice – presentation and article publication.
    TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre – Making Reality Really Real: Consciousness Reframed 11: Trondheim, Norway. November 4 to 6, 2010.
    Making Reality Really Real. EDS. Roy Ascott, Margarete Jahrmann and Aspen Gangvik: (Trondheim: TEKS Publishing, 2010): 43-46.

    Mixing Realities – presentation.
    Skilled Art – Talks about Art, Consciousness & Transdisciplinary Practices: Guimarães, Portugal. April 23 & 24, 2010.



    Andrea's Room: Offerings
    Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto, Portugal
    Pop-up performance, found objects, photographic documentation

    Andrea's Room: Offerings
    Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal, Portugal
    Pop-up performance, found objects, photographic documentation

    Andrea's Room 2019
    ArtSci Gallery, California Nanosystems Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
    Interactive Hybrid Installation


    Faculty Show
    The Hall of Fame Art Gallery, CUNY BCC, Bronx, NY
    Angel and Saint, diptych, Giclée of photograph

    High Contrast
    Center for Digital Arts Gallery, SUNY WCC, Peekskill, NY
    Decay and Decadence, diptych, Photograph on wood

    Women in Anarchy
    BeanRunner Café, Peekskill, NY
    The Anarchist Game. Giclée of mixed media


    World Water Day Co-curator.

    Strong as a Woman
    BeanRunner Café, Peekskill, NY
    The Hen: Jacques + Lispector. Giclée of mixed media


    CURRENT:LA Water
    ArtSci Collective with

    Water World! 2016, Worldwide.
    Invited Co-curator


    Next Nature
    Ionian Center for the Arts and Culture, Kefalonia, Greece.
    Homo Conscious; 2015 version. Composite of brain scan with algorithmic rendering digital print.


    Artists in the Archives: Alternet – USA traveling group show.
    Cogitar series; 2012/13. 356 mixed media library cards.

    2014 Retrospective Faculty Show
    The Center for Digital Art Gallery, SUNY WCC Peekskill Extension Center, Peekskill, NY, USA.
    Homo Conscious; 2014 version. Composite of brain scan with algorithmic rendering digital print.

    Brains, Boobs and Backbones
    Mezzanine Gallery, Paramount Hudson Valley Theater, Peekskill, NY, USA.
    Diva Faces, triptych. Newspaper, color pastels, pencils and markers on fiber paper composite.

    STEAM at Regeneron
    Regeneron Farmaceuticals, White Plains, NY, USA.

    Mixing Realities Second Generation; 2014. Hybrid interactive video installation.

    ArtsWestchester, White Plains, NY, USA.

    Mixing Realities Second Generation; 2014. Hybrid interactive video installation.

    SUNY Westchester Community College Fine Arts Gallery, Valhalla, NY, USA.

    2013 Carson Grubaugh’s Hermeneutics
    The Open University & MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK.

    The Homo Conscious; 2013. Composite of brain scan with algorithmic rendering digital print.

    Digitalizing Egypt
    Gezira Art Center, Cairo, Egypt.

    Me, Myself & I: Mixing Realities; 2013. Interactive video installation.

    2012 The Ballot Box: 20 Artists Consider the Presidential Election.

    The Bean Runner Cafe Gallery, Peekskill, NY, USA.
    Hanging Chad, 2012. Mixed media installation.

    COCA & The Fourth State of Water
    Centre of Contemporary Art, Turon, Poland.; 2011/12. Interactive net interface.

    2011 (Inside) Joke
    Augusta Savage Gallery, UMass, Amherst, MA, USA.

    What?; 2010. Video installation.

    Faculty Selects
    Westchester Community College Gallery, Valhalla, NY, USA.
    Mixing Realities; 2009. Physical/digital interactive video installation.

    2009 ArchTime
    Arch Time, NY, NY
    Mixing Realities; 2009. Video documentation.

    Mediated Realities
    Visual Art Gallery, NY, NY, USA.
    Mixing Realities; 2009. Physical/digital interactive video installation.

    2008 Continuous Current
    SVA Galleries, 133 W 21st Street, NY, NY, USA.
    Bubbles & Marshmallows; 2008. Short experimental videos.


    Educational Experience

    2016 to Date CUNY Bronx Community College, Art & Music Department – Bronx, NY, USA
    Adjunct Associate Professor in Graphic Design and Photography.
    User Interface Design, Digital Photography & Motion Graphics, Typography

    2011 to Date University of California, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA, USA
    Art|Sci Center, School of the Arts, Department of Design Media Arts.
    • ArtSci | SciArt Nanolab Associate Director – January 2017 to date.
    • Summer Nanolab Instructional Designer – July 24 to August 5, 2016.
    • Online Education Consultant – September 2012 to Date.
    • Online Education Coordinator – September 2011 to August 2012.

    2001 to Date SUNY Westchester Community College, Art and Design Department – Valhalla, NY, USA
    Senior Adjunct Faculty in Studio & Digital Arts.
    2D Design, Digital Imaging, Web Design, Computer Graphics I, II & III.

    2012 to 2013 Marymount Manhattan College – New York, NY, USA
    Adjunct Instructor in Digital Media, Communication Arts Department.
    Course: Web Workshop.

    2005 to 2007 Scarsdale Adult School – Scarsdale, NY, USA
    Graphic Design Instructor.
    Courses: Adobe Photoshop Elements and Web Design/Dreamweaver

    2002 to 2004 Saint Theres School – Briarcliff Manor, NY, USA
    Technology Teacher
    Created and implemented technology curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade.

    1994 to 1996 People Brasil Informática – Campinas, SP, Brazil
    National Technical Coordinator/Instructor for Graphic Design.
    Researched, developed and published courses:
    • Graphic Design and Microsoft Office for Elementary School Curriculum with tools: Manual, project, presentation script and teacher’s daily plan.
    • Desktop Publishing with Corel Draw & Aldus PageMaker Training: Manual, project, presentation script and teacher’s daily plan.
    • Microsoft Word 6.0, Aldus PageMaker 5.0 and CorelDRAW 4.0: Teacher’s Training Materials and Assessment.

    Professional Experience

    1996 to Date Knowledge Art Consultants, Inc – Valhalla, NY, USA

    Education, Graphic, Web, Interface, Information Designer - Partner
    Partial list of clients: Henckels, Edcomm Group, IBM/Lotus, CAMLIGHT, Hudson Homes, Manhattan Furnished Apartments, Collegistics, NAACP/WRACT-SO, etc.

    2003 to 2013 SUNY Westchester Community College – Valhalla, NY, USA
    Art Department Senior Art Tech – May 2005 to October 2013
    Art Department Computer Graphics Tech – September 2003 to April 2005

    2001 to 2003 Alec Marshall Photography, Inc. – Ossining, NY, USA
    Associate Photographer

    1993 to 1994 People Brasil Informática – Campinas, SP, Brazil
    Graphic Designer

    Professional Affiliations

    Cybernetics and Human Knowing: A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis & Cyber-Semiotics – Art & Web Editor, January 2013 to Date.

    Interaction Design Associates – 2010.

    Rhizome – 2010.

    School of Visual Arts Alumni Association – 2009.

    Westchester Region NAACP Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics Coalition – Web Editor, 2009 to Date.

    College Arts Association – Since 2008.



    OS X, Microsoft, Linux, Chromium OS
    Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Microsoft Office - Word, Powerpoint, Excel | Adobe CC/CS6 Design & Web - Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Code, Animate, Flash; CorelDRAW, QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker | Adobe CS6 Video & Design - Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Encore, Media Encoder, Soundbooth, etc.; Final Cut Pro, Korsakow, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Nuke, Pro Tools, Garage Band, ITunes | HTML, XML, CSS, JS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle, Sakai, BlackBoard, Google API, Amazon WS, Apache, FTP | Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing, Actionscript, NodeBox/Python, Basic Stamp, Arduino. Open source applications researcher.

    Hardware: IBM PC and Macintosh | Knowledge of installation and maintenance of different hardware such as printers, scanners, internal & external drivers, cameras, microprocessors, sensors - physical computing | Video & Sound: Analog, Digital & HD Still & Video Cameras, Lighting, Composition. Analog/Digital Recorders, Microphones, & Mixers.

    Languages: Proficiency in English and Portuguese. Knowledge of Spanish, basic knowledge of French and Italian.


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